Biometrics in WiMax

This is an IEEE paper submitted, Biometrics in WiMAX.

Ncsip 09′ Biometrics in Wimax Read More

Monitoring your website’s uptime/downtime has been made simple and free with sms and email alerts integrated by Google drive. Website monitoring tool with free SMS and Email alerts. This tutorial will explain how I added my site to google drive and monitor my website’s uptime/downtime . I get an sms alert to my mobile and email alert once my site is down and when my site is up again. Read More

Top 25 Flex interview questions

1. Life cycle of flex appln/component?

* Pre initialize : The Appln has been initiated but has not yet created any child components.
* Initialize :The Appln has created child components but has not yet laid out those components.
* Creation Complete : The Appln has been completely initiated and has laid out all components. Read More


This article will help you “To open blocked websites in Offices,Schools,Colleges” open blocked websites. Open Blocked Websites. It has become a common practice in many organizations to block websites like Facebook, Youtube,¬† to avoid their employees or students¬† to loose their productive time by browsing through Youtube and other Social Networking sites like Facebook. There are also few websites which are restricted to users from particular regions. Fortunately the methods described below will help you overcome these troubles and barriers.

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