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This example helps in creating a dynamic form, from a XML using actionscript. Dynamic validation has also been done for Textinput and Dropdownlist in this example. Dynamic form Generation in Flex 4.
To create a form on the run, dynamically from a XML. It also does validation dynamically on the fly. Will be helpful to solve many cases where formitems are usually changed on a regular basis. This solution helps in making minor changes to an external XML file rather than making code changes in Flex and hence resulting in a new Bin-release. Read More

Here is a simple example of a Login form built in MVC architecture using Parsley framework.
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This application helps to create a simple Pie Chart using mx:PieChart.
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This application helps to create a simple Column Chart using mx:ColumnChart.
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This application helps to create a QR chart using Google’s chart API.
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In Internet Explorer, the refresh doesn’t happen due to the caching done by IE.  To avoid this issue once for all the following settings has to be changed,

1) Go to Tools> internet options.

2) Browsing  History >  Settings > Check for new versions of stored pages >  Select Radio : “Every time i visit the page”then check your application.

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The following example demonstrates, displaying elements from an ArrayCollection in a DataGrid using the mx:dataGrid component.
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The following example demonstrates, displaying elements from an ArrayCollection in a tree structure using the mx:tree component. It also displays the no of children under the parent item of the tree.
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:Application xmlns:fx="" 
			import mx.controls.Text;
			private function init():void 		{			
				//Cretaing a Text in as3
					var simpleTxt:Text = new Text();		
					simpleTxt.horizontalCenter = 0; 		
					simpleTxt.verticalCenter = 0;			
					simpleTxt.text = "Hello World";
				//To display the text element

To make the scroller of a Form go either to the top or bottom of the page the following code can be used.


scrollerID.verticalScrollBar.value = scrollerID.verticalScrollBar.minimum;


scrollerID.verticalScrollBar.value = scrollerID.verticalScrollBar.maximum;

The datatTipFunction here helps in displaying a yValue and its yName along with the DisaplayName, it can be be further customized based on the needs of the information to be displayed.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:Application xmlns:fx=""
			import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
			public var dpac:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection ([
				{ date:"01/01/2006", cash:50000,
					stocks:198192, retirement:130101,
					home:750000, other:19148 },
				{ date:"02/01/2006", cash:50000,
					stocks:210309, retirement:143707,
					home:760000, other:19493 },
				{ date:"03/01/2006", cash:50000,
					stocks:238992, retirement:169529,
					home:770000, other:19933 },
				{ date:"04/01/2006", cash:50000,
					stocks:292269, retirement:242596,
					home:770000, other:21445 }]);
			import mx.charts.series.items.ColumnSeriesItem;
			import mx.charts.series.ColumnSeries;
			import mx.charts.HitData;
			import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
			private function myDataTipFunction(hitData:HitData):String
				var series:ColumnSeries = ColumnSeries(hitData.element);	
				var item1:ColumnSeriesItem = ColumnSeriesItem(hitData.chartItem);
				var date:Object =;
				var value:Number = Number(item1.yValue);
				return  "<b>" + series.displayName + "</b>\n" +
					"<b>------------------</b>\n" +
					"<b>Date:\t\t</b>" + date + " \n" +
					"<b>Count:\t\t</b>" +series.displayName+":"+ value + " \n";
	<mx:Legend dataProvider="{otherDashGraphCE}" direction="vertical" height="20" right="0"/>
	<mx:ColumnChart dataProvider="{dpac}"
					width="100%" height="90%" horizontalCenter="0"
					bottom="15" dataTipFunction="myDataTipFunction">
			<mx:CategoryAxis  categoryField="date"/>
			<mx:ColumnSeries displayName="cash"  yField="cash"/>
			<mx:ColumnSeries displayName="stocks"  yField="stocks"/>
			<mx:ColumnSeries displayName="retirement"  yField="retirement"/>
			<mx:ColumnSeries displayName="home"  yField="home"/>
			<mx:ColumnSeries displayName="other"  yField="other"/>


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